Treatment process

If you are considering embarking on orthodontic treatment with our specialist orthodontist, this is the treatment process you can expect.

1. Attend free consultation

All patients start their treatment journey with a free consultation. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about orthodontics and find out what will be involved without any obligation to proceed with treatment. You can also find out about our treatment costs and finance plans.

2. Records

This is the first appointment once you have decided to proceed with treatment. This includes photos, x-rays, scans (no moulds/impressions), a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan. This will be discussed with you in detail including the risks and benefits to ensure you make an informed decision prior to embarking on the course of orthodontic treatment. On this visit the orthodontist will confirm your treatment plan.

3. Embark on treatment

You will be advised what to expect prior to this appointment and the braces will be fitted. You will be given instructions on how to manage the brace, possible emergencies, how to clean your teeth, what food to avoid and when to make your next appointment. You will also be given a starter pack.

Throughout treatment, you will need to come in and see us once every 4-6 weeks for fixed braces and 8-10 weeks with invisalign. These appointments give us a chance to check on your treatment progress, tighten your braces, or issue you with your new sets of aligners.

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From the information you have provided so far, it seems that Invisalign (invisible aligners) may be the best option for you, but we will need to see you for a full assessment.

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Speed of treatment

You have indicated that the speed of your treatment is important to you - we have orthodontic solutions including Invisalign Lite which could be the most viable options for you.