Types of Braces

We are happy to announce that Dr. Mariam Noorani is our in-house Specialists Orthodontist. She provides a wide range of orthodontic treatments for adults and children. For adult, orthodontic treatment can start from 16 year onwards and children should have an orthodontic assessment at age 9-10 to detect any problems that should occur. Early detection can eliminate need for more complex treatment in the future. As our orthodontist Dr. Mariam Noorani works alongside our general dentists, we are able to treat children at the optimal time.

We treat children and adults and have different types of braces to choose from, please call 01895233955 and book a complimentary consultation for further information on what would benefit you or your child.

General information on the types of braces is available if you click the tabs below.

1) Metal Braces – regular or self-ligating

Stainless steel metal brackets are easily recognised and are widely used in the treatment of patients in all age groups. These can look fancy with the use of coloured elastic rings to hold the wire in place or can be made to look discrete with silver elastic rings. Another way is to use self-ligating braces. These do not require elastic bands and have a metal clip which holds the wire in place.

2) Gold Braces

Some of us like bling and can have brace treatment with gold-plated braces. They are similar to the metal braces but differ in colour.

3) White Braces

Tooth coloured or transparent fixed braces appeal to people as they are less visible. Most of us have seen them on celebrities as well. These are made from a ceramic material but are of high strength and no they don’t break when you drop them or bite with them.
To ensure the brace looks as discrete as possible, white wires and transparent/white elastics and ties are used to engage the wire. Some children, however, prefer to have coloured elastics placed over these braces which give the look of coloured braces.

4) Invisalign (Clear Aligners)

Invisalign is a treatment system which uses 3D computer technology to plan and manufacture a clear removable brace especially for you. The treatment is planned by the orthodontist on a computer software.

5) Incognito/Lingual Braces

These braces are placed on the inside of the teeth making them less visible. Adults and children can be treated with lingual braces but before committing it is important for the orthodontist to assess the teeth.

6) Removable and functional braces

In growing children, some problems can be overcome by treating them with removable or functional appliances.

7) Fixed functional treatment/ Powerscope

In some cases instead of a removable functional appliance, a fixed one can be offered.

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